The Primal Coaches


Gaz Topple

Primal MMA Academy is run by dedicated Head Coach and our  Brazilian  Jiujitsu  coach Gareth Topple who has 11 years of grappling experience and has been coaching for 6. He holds a Brown belt in BJJ (current as of May 2019) and a brown belt in the art of Judo. Gareth currently trains under Game Fight BJJ and  Professor Vic Scott.


Bobby Pallet

I have been training in mixed martial arts since 2009. I have over 11 years experience training/competing. I had 12 amateur fights winning an amateur title along the way. I then turned pro and I am currently 5-0 as a professional mixed martial artist, my last fight was on FCC for the British Welterweight Title. My next fight should be in Bellator. I am a black belt in kickboxing having trained in that discipline since day 1. My strengths are Kickboxing/Thai Boxing/Greco Roman Clinch Work/No Gi Grappling.